Mentored Services

When a new technology or product is introduced, the level of technical skill to implement and support it is typically scarce. This was a serious problem surrounding the new Cisco FTD product Introduction until Todd Lammle solved the problem by launching his exclusive Mentored Services to an enthusiastic market. Mentored Services has grown dramatically each and every month since. Blending hands-on, personalized training with real-time coaching, GlobalNet Systems Solutions, Inc Mentored Services provides missing keys to the technology and integrates each element required for successful implementation by a knowledgeable team:

  • Partners augment their capabilities with GlobalNet Systems Solutions, Inc Mentored Services to accelerate expertise and capacity in new technologies while concurrently implementing our client’s unique solution.
  • Customers benefit from formal education, mentoring and a successful deployment overseen by our expert team.
  • Vendors are assured that there is sufficient delivery capacity in the market from day 1

GlobalNet Systems Solutions, Inc Mentored Services is a pioneering approach to professional services. We focus on partner and customer empowerment using a unique mix of product education and hands-on experience on site to guide our clients to their optimal design and implementation goals.

GlobalNet Systems Solutions, Inc instructors deliver industry experience and technical expertise at the highest levels. During a Mentored Services engagement our team applies this experience to address all business requirements, the technical environment and any constraints present as well as to accelerate the technology migration, deployment or optimization.

GlobalNet Systems Solutions, Inc Mentored Services is a knowledge transfer service at its core. After completing the process our partners are able to elevate their capabilities and become independently capable of maintaining their solutions post-implementation. We also ensure our partner’s skills are equal to the crucial task of continually optimizing the technology.